What is Poké?

Healthy Salad Pokay
  • At POKAY you can customize your meal with love and all the freshness!
    You probably already heard about this new trend, the Poké Bowls, pronounced as PO-KAY! These bowls are officially a Hawaiian dish and we are taking this specialty to Delft. The bowls are offered with a variety of bases, proteins, toppings (lots of them!), homemade sauces and crunchy finishers. You got to try these bowls out, because they are healthy, delicious and totally unique in every way.

  • Poké literally translates to the act of cutting, chopping, sectioning or slicing. The popular dish is often loved by many and regarded as one of the best dishes of Hawaiian cuisine that represents the history and culture of the Hawaiian people.
    Traditional poke is often influenced by flavoring raw fish with seasonings from Japanese and Asiatic cuisine. Not a fan of raw fish?
    No worries, add our chicken (proteins!), shrimp, tofu or crab in your bowl! We offer all your favorites in your own POKAY .

  • We also serve Pokérito’s! It is different than the classic sushi (Futo Maki) as we combined different intense flavors in one massive wrap. Endless possibilities of mixing your favorite ingredients (which are also changing regularly) into your own hands. You are going to enjoy every bite of this beautiful wrap.